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Mother's Day Around The World

  • Mother's Day in Australia:

    The second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mothers Day in Australia. Children try to make their mother's special and loved with by doing all the household activities by themselves. Some even arrange a party dedicated to their moms.

    People carrying colored carnations signify that their mother's are alive while the white carnations are used to pay homage to their deceased mother's. Several gifts, cards, flowers, chocolates are given to the mother's to mark the significance of the day.


  • Mother's Day in Canada:

    Similar to Australia, Mother's Day are celebrated even in Canada on the second Sunday of May as is considered as the third most important holiday for the country. People throughout the country celebrate this day which is especially dedicated to their mother's. The holiday involves lot of emotional attachments not only to the mother's but also to them who played an important role in growing them up like their grand mother's, nannies, caretakers. It is also seen that the cards sell on the Mothers Day break all the records each year which also proves how commercially successful this day. Mother's receive gifts, flowers, cards and they are often pampered with an evening dinner at an expensive restaurant or a movie on this day.


  • Mother's Day in the United Kingdom:

    The celebration of Mother's Day started since 17th century marking it the first country in the world to dedicate a day to the mother's. The fourth Sunday in Lent is celebrated as a Mothers Day is considered as a moving holiday. The feelings conveyed on this day are the same with the rest of the world that is to convey the gratitude to the mother's.

    Mothers Day was originally known as Mothering Sunday. In 1600s the poor families used to send their children to the rich people as servants or apprentices. They used to get only one day off in a year to meet their mother's and Mother Churches. The date used to fall on the mid Sunday of the fasting moth Lent hence the name. It was also known as Refreshment Sunday or Mid-Lent Sunday.

    The traditional food for the Mother's Day in the UK is Mothering Cake or Simnel Cake which are made of almonds. Besides, they also give their mother's with expensive gifts, cards, flowers or with a grand treat.


  • Mother's Day in the United States of America:

    The second Sunday in May is celebrated as the Mothers Day in USA. To celebrate motherhood people hoist the national flags on their homes as well as on the important landmarks. The worldwide concept of Mother's Day was started by an American lady, Anna Jarvis however the idea was conceived long time ago in 1872 by writer-poetess Julia Ward Howe.

    People celebrate this day with fanfare and leave no stones unturned to make their mother's happy, loved and cared. The carnations represents Mothers Day like Australia like wearing white carnation signify paying homage to the deceased mother's while the colorful ones represents the love for the mother's who are still alive. The children try their level best to make their mother's happy like making the breakfast or cleaning the house. They even give valuable gifts and are treated with delicacies made specially for their moms.


  • Mother's Day in South Africa:

    Every country has its own way of commemorating any occasion, event or special day like mothers day. The difference in celebration occurs due to the norms, values, traditions and cultures as every country has its own values and traditions. In South Africa mother's day is celebrated on second Sunday in the month of May with great zeal, honor and respect.The reason of commemorating this day is to honor and respect mother's and to prove them that how much their children love them, respect them and care them as well as to make them feel special.

    South African people really celebrate mothers day with true spirit and honor. They spend the whole day with their loving mother's by recognizing the value of mother's in their lives and express gratitude to them generously for all their love and care. They also give gift surprises to them such as mother's day flowers, greeting cards, cakes, chocolates, stuff toys as an expression of their deepest feeling of thankfulness and love.